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We offer high-quality compounding preparations for anti-aging, pain management, women's and men's health, pediatrics & veterinary medicine.
Prescription for Canada Chemists Compounding Medications

Currently, we have the following compound medications available:

Product Name Reason Use Prescription Needed?
Fluoride Rinse Sodium fluoride 2% rinse Gargle Yes
Periodontal Gel Gingivitis and periodontitis Oral Yes
NeuroPain Gel Chronic Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain Topical Yes
Popsicle Feel Gel Improve temperature and flow to diabetic diabetic feet Topical Yes
OticCare Lubrication / Cleaning / Prevention of Itchiness Topical No
OticCore Lubrication, cleaning and itching Topical Yes
Feminine Care
Blue Cream For female sexual dysfunction Topical Yes
Estradiol VagCream Vaginal cream for menopausal women Vaginal Yes
Mucositis Mouthwash Cankersore Gargle Yes
PerioRinse Halitosis (bad breath) Gargle Yes
Pilocarpine Troches Extreme dry mouth Oral Yes
SalivaSub Artifical saliva Oral No
Tonsilitis Gargle Chronic sore throat Gargle Yes
Pain Relief
Arthritis Power Drops Inflammation pain Topical Yes
KCL-Fibromyalgia Gel Fibromyalgia pain Topical Yes
Migraine Gel Acute migraine gel Topical Yes
ACE Wrinkle Cream Deep wrinkles and fine lines Topical Yes
Derma-HQ4 Cream Hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and wrinkles Topical Yes
Psoriasis Lotion Psoriasis Topical Yes
Rosacet Cleanser Rosacea Topical Yes

Currently, we have the following pet compound formulas available:

Product Name Reason Use Prescription Needed?
Potassium Bromide Epilepsy - to control seizures in dogs Oral Yes
Methimazole Transdermal Gel Hyperthyroidism in cats Needle Yes
Veterinarian Antiseptic Ointment Wounds or cuts Topical No
Meloxicam Oral Solution Reduce pain & inflammation in cats & dogs Oral Yes
Plaque Remover/Breathe Freshener Spray To help fight and remove plaque as well as freshen breathe Oral No
Amlodipine 1mg/ml Veterinary Suspension Heart Oral Yes
Buspirone Transdermal Gel for cats in the treatment of anxiety-related behavioral problems and urine marking Gel Yes
Hibitane Veterinary Antiseptic spray Antiseptic Spray No
Doxycycline Oral Suspension Antibiotic Oral Yes
Itraconazole Anti-fungal Oral Suspension Antifungal Oral Yes
Methimazole Oral liquid & Transdermal gel Thyroid Therapy Transdermal Yes
MICOBET Anti-fungal / Anti-Inflammatory spray Spray Yes
CROMOBET Dermatitis "Hot Spot" cream Dermatitis Cream Yes